Feature Requests

Rejected Requests Category contains rejected feature requests. Delivered Requests Category contains feature requests which have been delivered. Approved Requests Category contains approved feature requests. Requests Please use this category to open and discuss feature requests.
Feature Requests Root [Feature Requests] (1)
Real-time record changefeeds [Delivered Requests] (2)
Disallow lowering of TTL below remaining life [Requests] (1)
Fast range query for string keys [Requests] (1)
Working memory as cache and disk as storage [Requests] (2)
Aerospike on ARM [Requests] (3)
Bulk/Batch Updates [Requests] (18)
Data modification event / callback / push notification [Requests] (3)
Support Trigger UDF during Eviction of expired records [Requests] (3)
Remove by reverse index range [Delivered Requests] (5)
Request: Java client LargeList *async* methods [Rejected Requests] (3)
Millisecond precision on ttl [Rejected Requests] (8)
Priority Queue/Sorted Set LDT [Rejected Requests] (4)
Large ordered list: explicit append()-operation (AER-2989) [Rejected Requests] (6)
License to Permit Embedding [Rejected Requests] (3)
How to remove offline node from Heartbeat's seed list? (AER-5156) [Approved Requests] (4)
Maintain TTL value on record update or add fixed-timestamp expiration (3.10.0) [Delivered Requests] (6)
Is it possible to keep expiration/TTL when updating records? (AER-3123) [Delivered Requests] (11)
Pagination in fetched result set from Aerospike [Requests] (13)
Add config param to disable timestamp in log messages [Requests] (3)
Batch Read Latency Monitoring [Requests] (6)
Increased no. of objects per namespace per node (AER-4522) [Delivered Requests] (5)
Distribute fabric connections across multiple network links [Delivered Requests] (13)
Versioning Support in Aerospike [Feature Requests] (3)
Rack aware-ness in the client [Requests] (9)
Removing namespace without downtime (AER-3485) [Delivered Requests] (5)
Add flag to 'get', to suppress fail count [Requests] (1)
CSE recycle option [Requests] (9)
Java: ListOperation is great. Will there be MapOperation? (3.2.3) [Delivered Requests] (7)
Aerospike SortedMap Feature: Early Adopter Release ( [Delivered Requests] (3)