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Data modification event / callback / push notification (AER-5960) (5)
Clusterwide PUB/SUB ability (AER-5960) (3)
Is it possible to keep recently used data in-memory and other on SSD (AER-5944) (5)
(Read) Policy Replica `CLOSEST` and/or `LOCAL` (AER-5957) (4)
Rack-aware clients: save inter-rack bandwith when they select copies in the same cluster (AER-5957) (7)
Rack aware-ness in the client (AER-5957) (11)
Working memory as cache and disk as storage (AER-5944) (4)
It'd great to add the `defrag-q`s metric (AER-4969) (6)
Real-time record changefeeds (AER-5960) (3)
Remove by reverse index range (5)
Maintain TTL value on record update or add fixed-timestamp expiration (3.10.0) (6)
Is it possible to keep expiration/TTL when updating records? (AER-3123) (11)
Increased no. of objects per namespace per node (AER-4522) (5)
Distribute fabric connections across multiple network links (13)
Removing namespace without downtime (AER-3485) (5)
Java: ListOperation is great. Will there be MapOperation? (3.2.3) (7)
Aerospike SortedMap Feature: Early Adopter Release ( (3)
Efficient Defrag (3.4.0) (3)
Does Aerospike support Location based queries like in MongoDB? (3.8.1) (4)
Is incremental backup possible? (3.12.0) (4)
Secondary indexes over CDT (LIST/MAP) (3.8.1) (5)
Aerospike on Centos 7 (3.8.1) (5)
Persisted Deletes as an Option (AER-1226) (3.10.0) (3)
Allow configure log in system timezone ( (7)
Does Aerospike have the ability to create a secondary index on list and maps? (3.8.1) (4)
Simultaneous scans of different sets from one namespace (3.6.0) (6)
Java Async UDF Execute & Float in UDF (3.1.1) (9)
Ability to change graphite metric prefix (4)
Mobile friendly document page (2)