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New Requests Here (1)
Save data after TTL expires (5)
Disallow lowering of TTL below remaining life (1)
Fast range query for string keys (1)
Aerospike on ARM (3)
Bulk/Batch Updates (18)
Support Trigger UDF during Eviction of expired records (3)
Pagination in fetched result set from Aerospike (13)
Add config param to disable timestamp in log messages (3)
Batch Read Latency Monitoring (6)
Add flag to 'get', to suppress fail count (1)
CSE recycle option (9)
Support logical operators: OR / XOR / AND (1)
Configure memory usage by configuring the maximum index size (1)
Implement probabilistic data structures (1)
Open source Aerospike-tools so community may add features to it (1)
Have there been any updates regarding increasing the limit on the number of unique bin names in a namespace? (1)
How about serving geo map tiles? (1)
Multi-record groups - an alternative to (now deprecated) LDTs (1)
Aerospike D client API (1)
More flexibility on eviction for LRU caches (8)
Client-side batch operations: chain output of previous op into input of the next op (3)
Hope there are more statistics on set-scope (2)
Handling eviction objects (2)
Batch Writes (3)
Lua UDF, 64 bit integers (3)
AMC Dashboard: Queries don't show under read activity in the Community Edition of Aerospike Server (7)
Google App Engine : java.lang.RuntimePermission (6)
Partition-level scan: is it possible to split up a scan into finer-grained things than a node? (2)
Something like relations (9)