Feature Requests

Support logical operators: OR / XOR / AND [Requests] (1)
Configure memory usage by configuring the maximum index size [Requests] (1)
Implement probabilistic data structures [Requests] (1)
Open source Aerospike-tools so community may add features to it [Requests] (1)
Have there been any updates regarding increasing the limit on the number of unique bin names in a namespace? [Requests] (1)
How about serving geo map tiles? [Requests] (1)
Multi-record groups - an alternative to (now deprecated) LDTs [Requests] (1)
Clusterwide PUB/SUB ability [Requests] (1)
Aerospike D client API [Requests] (1)
Efficient Defrag (3.4.0) [Delivered Requests] (3)
Does Aerospike support Location based queries like in MongoDB? (3.8.1) [Delivered Requests] (4)
Is incremental backup possible? (3.12.0) [Delivered Requests] (4)
Secondary indexes over CDT (LIST/MAP) (3.8.1) [Delivered Requests] (5)
Aerospike on Centos 7 (3.8.1) [Delivered Requests] (5)
More flexibility on eviction for LRU caches [Requests] (8)
It'd great to add the `defrag-q`s metric (AER-4969) [Approved Requests] (4)
Client-side batch operations: chain output of previous op into input of the next op [Requests] (3)
Persisted Deletes as an Option (AER-1226) (3.10.0) [Delivered Requests] (3)
AQL needs to work for cases when set is a number (TOOLS-727) [Approved Requests] (2)
Allow configure log in system timezone ( [Delivered Requests] (7)
Hope there are more statistics on set-scope [Requests] (2)
Handling eviction objects [Requests] (2)
Aerospike service reload coming anytime soon? [Requests] (2)
Change/modify replication-factor on the fly? (AER-3242) [Approved Requests] (2)
Does Aerospike have the ability to create a secondary index on list and maps? (3.8.1) [Delivered Requests] (4)
Batch Writes [Requests] (3)
Lua UDF, 64 bit integers [Requests] (3)
AMC Dashboard: Queries don't show under read activity in the Community Edition of Aerospike Server [Requests] (7)
Google App Engine : java.lang.RuntimePermission [Requests] (6)
Rack-aware clients: save inter-rack bandwith when they select copies in the same cluster [Requests] (5)