Adtech + Martech = Madtech? The Convergence of Adtech and Martech and Its Implications on Data and Real-Time Decisioning (Aerospike Blog Post – August 4, 2017)


The worlds of advertising technology (adtech) and marketing technology (martech) are converging. This convergence will drive more engagement and a broader array of touch points throughout the customer journey, with a better economic outcome.

Data is the common thread between these two worlds. Advertisers and marketers care about only one thing: understanding their audience. Hence, access to accurate data with the ability to process it, make decisions in real time, and make it available at the very moment an engagement happens is their core competitive advantage.

Read this blog post by Satish Iyer, Aerospike’s Head of Product & Solutions Marketing, to gain insight into these changes and to understand how the Data Management Platform is the key nexus where adtech and martech come together.