Aerospike Certification Tool Frequently Asked Questions



Frequently Asked Questions about the Aerospike Certification Tool

What is the Aerospike Certification Tool (ACT)?:

The Aerospike Certification Tool (ACT) is a tool that Arerospike provides for stress-testing SSD drives and measuring latencies under stress. Instead of relying on third-party benchmarks, you can use this tool to generate performance metrics in your environment. You can determine the load and measure latencies on the device. Testing in your environment allows you to eliminate all other variables and isolate the SSDs as the sole variable.

Why does Aerospike provide ACT?:

Aerospike provides ACT so that you can stress test any SSDs in your local environment. When you perform local stress testing, you can document precise latencies for the drive in your environment. You can also easily compare the latencies of drives from disparate manufacturers without having to accommodate for environmental differences.

Why should I use it?:

Use ACT to establish SSD performance benchmarks for any of your SSD drives.

How do I use it?:

The full details of running ACT are beyond the scope of this document, but they may be found in the following location:

How long do I run the test?:

Run the test for 24 hours.

Where do I get ACT?:

Download ACT from the following location:

Where can I get more information about ACT?:

The following links provide more information about ACT:

The documentation includes details on running the tests, the expected results, how you should interpret the results, and what constitutes passing the test.