Aerospike Classroom Training for Developers & DevOps in Irvine (Southern California) on April 20-21, 2016


What’s the fastest, most reliable way to build your Aerospike NoSQL database skills? Attend classroom training led by one of our expert instructors. On April 20 & 21, our expert trainer will be in Irvine (Southern California) for Developer as well as Admin & Operations training. Reserve your seat here now!

We will conduct the following classes:

Our classroom training sessions are open to all, whether you are a current user (of the free Community Edition or the paid Enterprise Edition), or a prospective user looking to kick the tires and get hands-on experience using Aerospike’s pioneering technology.

Aerospike conducts classroom training sessions in key locations around the world, as well as virtual sessions, so you can get trained by an instructor in your time zone no matter where you live. Please check our training class schedule for a city near you. To request a training session in your area or if you have questions, please e-mail us at