Aerospike fails to start with dirty_bytes related error

Aerospike failing to start with dirty_bytes writing permission denied error

Problem Description

When starting Aerospike, the startup fails and the following message is observed:

Dec 08 2020 09:41:52 GMT: WARNING (hardware): (hardware.c:247) error while opening file /proc/sys/vm/dirty_bytes for writing: 13 (Permission denied)
Dec 08 2020 09:41:52 GMT: FAILED ASSERTION (hardware): (hardware.c:276) write failed unexpectedly
Dec 08 2020 09:41:52 GMT: WARNING (as): (signal.c:209) SIGUSR1 received, aborting Aerospike Enterprise Edition build os debian8


This error occurs when the dirty_ratio kernel option is set. The dirty_ratio and dirty_bytes kernel options are two ways to specify the amount of dirty memory a process generating writes can have before writeback is started. As these two parameters specify the same thing, but in different ways (amount of bytes or percentage of total memory), they cannot be set concurrently.


To resolve this issue, dirty_ratio must be unset as Aerospike attempts to set dirty_bytes at startup and will fail if this cannot be done, whether or not the root user is used to start the node.



December 2020

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