"Aerospike for Developers" Training in Tel Aviv, Israel on March 14, 2016 (open to all)


Announcing a new “Aerospike for Developers” training session! This class will be held in Tel Aviv (Israel) on Monday, March 14, 2016 from 9:30 AM to 5:30 PM (IST).

“Aerospike for Developers” is a full-day course (at least 50% hands-on) that teaches developers the concepts and APIs available to them for use in their application. The course has code examples and exercises in Go, C#, Java, PHP and Node.js. The students are expected to be familiar with one of the course programming languages, bring their own laptop and have the relevant development environment setup.

Click here to learn more about the “Aerospike for Developers” course and its prerequisites. To reserve your seat for the class in Tel Aviv, please sign up here. The cost for the class includes classroom materials, a take-home training manual and an Aerospike-approved certificate of completion.

Our classroom training sessions are open to all, whether you are a current user (of the Enterprise Edition or the Community Edition), or a prospective user looking to kick the tires and get hands-on experience using Aerospike’s pioneering technology.

Aerospike conducts classroom training sessions around the world. There are currently two types of training: “Aerospike for Developers” (full-day) and “Aerospike Database Admin & Operations” (5-hour).

Please check our training schedule for a city near you. To request a training session in your area, please e-mail us at training@aerospike.com.