Aerospike Server (May 14, 2019)


Aerospike Server version was released on May 14, 2019.

This major release contains Improvements and Bug Fixes.


  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6043] - (KVS) Support aliasing and bonding plus aliases for auto-pin configuration.
    • [AER-6056] - (KVS) For increased efficiency, especially when using compression, flat storage format now also used as wire format for replication, migration, and duplicate resolution.
    • [AER-6055] - (INFO) Added info command thread-traces to show the current call stack for all server threads.
  • Enterprise Only
    • [AER-6027] - (TLS) Removed support for SSLv3.

Bug Fixes

  • Enterprise & Community
    • [AER-6040] - (DEPLOYMENT) Aerospike will not start under systemd as non-root when using index-type value ‘flash’ or auto-pin value ‘numa’.
    • [AER-6053] - (SCAN) Dynamically decreasing service context configuration items scan-threads or sindex-builder-threads temporarily blocks all (other) dynamic configurations.