AMC Header definitions


AMC metric table definitions:

  • Free Dlog Percentage of Digest log free and available for use.

  • Lag Secs Time Difference in seconds between last shipped record and current time

  • Req Outstanding Number of overall records yet to be shipped.

  • Req Relog Number of deleted Re-logged

  • Req Shipped Number of overall records shipped.

  • Throughput : Number of partitions pending to be migrated out of the node.


Time lag can swing up and down. Lag going high and then low is possible when there is a local node failure (of the source cluster). When the source cluster is healthy (i.e no node is down), the lag is time difference between the current time and the time until which the records are shipped. But when there is local node failure, the remaining nodes will go back in time and see if there are any records to be shipped on behalf of the failed node. This will increase the time difference. But it may be quickly caught up if XDR realizes that the log records need not be shipped.