AQL returns an error, "Un-supported command format with token"



When you refer to a name that starts with a number, the text parser in aql returns an error:

For example, the following command fails because the set name “3191_sindex” starts with a number:

aql> INSERT INTO test.3191_sindex (PK, hmac) VALUES (10, 'DMTESTUuErs/DHDD3bQyoUV+vWTW81BZ7QeDA=')
Un-supported command format with token - '.3191' 
Type " aql --help " from console or simply "help" from within the aql-prompt.


The aql parser returns the error because it does not know how to parse names that begin with a number.


Rename the Set:

The following example shows the renamed set:

aql> INSERT INTO test.sindex_3192 (PK, hmac) VALUES (10, 'DMTESTUuErs/DHDD3bQyoUV+vWTW81BZ7QeDA=')
OK, 1 record affected.

Surround the name with quotes:

The following example shows how you can use quotes to write sets that start with numbers:

aql> INSERT INTO test.'3191_sindex' (PK, hmac) VALUES (10, 'DMTESTUuErs/DHDD3bQyoUV+vWTW81BZ7QeDA=')
OK, 1 record affected.