ASCLI repeats bin names?


Hey all,

Here is my simple code to make bins:

Bin bin1 = new Bin("Username", userAccount.username);
Bin bin2 = new Bin("PasswordHash", userAccount.passwordHash);
Bin bin3 = new Bin("PasswordSalt", userAccount.passwordSalt);
Bin bin4 = new Bin("UserIpAddr", userAccount.userIpAddr);

Lets say I create a dummy account, and do a get in code - I can see the bin names are coming through properly:


But if i run it in ascli get, The bin names are all repeated of the first bin:

{"Username": "data", "Username": "[redacted]", "Username": "[redacted", "Username": "data"}

Weird, right?


Thanks, this was a regression in 3.5.2 that has been addressed in releases on or following 3.5.9, which have not yet been released (at the time of this writing, we are on release 3.5.8). In other words, the work to do the fix has already happened, but these releases are not live yet; they soon will be.


Hi Mneumonik,

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