Cassandra, Dethroned: NoSQL Database Benchmark Shows Aerospike Beating Cassandra’s Performance by 14x with Significantly Lower Variance (Aerospike Blog Post - June 28, 2016)


Myth: Cassandra is the NoSQL database that scales out reads and writes (mixed workloads).

Reality: Aerospike has just proven that is it the leading operational database for scaling mixed workloads. In a recent NoSQL database benchmark, Aerospike provided 14x the throughput of Cassandra while also delivering 42x lower read latency and 24x lower update latency (95th percentile). In other words, Aerospike beats Cassandra’s performance by an order of magnitude with significantly lower variance, meaning its performance is very predictable with low jitter.

Details – and full instructions for recreating the benchmark – in this blog post:

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