Compile and reinstall the aerospike from github, why can't the new version take effect?

OS: Ubuntu22.04 Aerospike version: C- and C-

At first I install C- through this guide Install on Ubuntu | Aerospike Documentation. And it works well.

But now I want to add some log to aerospike, so I download the aeroapike from github: [ GitHub - aerospike/aerospike-server: Aerospike Database Server – flash-optimized, in-memory, nosql database] Switch the branch to Then add my log to the code and compile the code successfully to a deb file: aerospike-server-community_7.1.0.1-1ubuntu22.04_amd64.deb


# dpkg -i aerospike-server-community_7.1.0.1-1ubuntu22.04_amd64.deb
(Reading database ... 416514 files and directories currently installed.)
Preparing to unpack aerospike-server-community_7.1.0.1-1ubuntu22.04_amd64.deb ...
Unpacking aerospike-server-community ( over ( ...
Setting up aerospike-server-community ( ...
usermod: no changes

Check the version:

dpkg -l | fgrep aerospike

ii  aerospike-server-community    amd64        The Aerospike distributed datastore allows fully scalable and reliable data storage with elastic server properties.
ii  aerospike-tools               10.2.1      amd64        Aerospike server tools.

But after I restart the aerospike service, the actual running version is still C-

# asadm
Seed:        [('', 3000, None)]
Config_file: /root/.aerospike/astools.conf, /etc/aerospike/astools.conf
Aerospike Interactive Shell, version 2.22.0

WARNING: Some nodes have become unreachable by other nodes in the cluster. Check their peers lists:

Found 1 nodes

Admin> info
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Network Information (2024-07-04 02:56:47 UTC)~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~
                          Node|         Node ID|                 IP|     Build|Migrations|~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Cluster~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~|Client|  Uptime
                              |                |                   |          |          |Size|         Key|Integrity|      Principal| Conns||*BB9508EAFF22314||C-|   0.000  |   1|BC930425B786|True     |BB9508EAFF22314|     7|00:14:54
Number of rows: 1

Of course the log I added is not displayed either.

And also I tried to remove the former aerospike following: After this, I install the aerospike-server-community_7.1.0.1-1ubuntu22.04_amd64.deb again, but the version through “asadm info” is still C-

Can anyone tell me why? How can I install the aerospike with the code changed(only print some log)?

It is resloved. Please close or delete it.

What was the issue?