Configuring Cluster with different Nodes

I am trying to create a cluster with two nodenode with different dimensions of RAM and SSD. Now it happen that when aerospike execute migration of data and try load balancing, it always migrate data also if the second node has end its memory. So I think that for aerospike the cluster must be made up of nodes which capacity is available for |DB| / N data

where |DB| is total Database size and N is number of nodes. Is it true? Can you set that when one nodes ends its memory (RAM or Disk) aerospike stops load balancing?

You should not try to put together a cluster of differently sized nodes. All nodes should be identical in RAM and SSD. Aerospike is designed to distribute data evenly. The node with lowest RAM / SSD will start hitting the high-water-marks first and data will be evicted from that node. If you set all your records to “never expire”, you will disable eviction and then at some point hit “stop writes” on that node and Aerospike will not accept any further writes on that node. See “expiration”, “eviction” and “stop-writes” related topics on this forum and in Aerospike docs, also read on Aerospike architecture or take one of the Aeropsike Architecture webinars (free).

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