Conflict-resolution-policy setting usage



By default conflict-resolution-policy is set to use a record’s generation as the criteria to resolve a conflict between records. Clusters with high rate of updates or heavy use of hotkeys may be affected by an older versions of a record being re-indexed after a cold start. This issue may also surface during an asrestore with gen-check where the generation number that was backed up may become higher than the current generation number of a particular record.

Setting Definition

Context : Namespace

conflict-resolution-policy can take two values to specify the criteria used during a conflict resolution between two records sharing the same key.

The allowed values are either ttl or generation


A possible workaround to the issue of generation number of a record wrapping around back to zero is to change the criteria used for record conflict resolution. An Aerospike Namespace can be configured to resolve such resolution using a record’s ttl instead of the default behavior of using the record’s generation

Command Syntax

asmonitor -e "asinfo -v 'set-config:context=namespace;id=MYNAMESPACE;conflict-resolution-policy=ttl'"

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