Coverity scan for aerospike-server


Since coverity (static analysis tool) offers free defect scanning to open source projects ( , I figured it might be interesting to scan aerospike-server. When I originally looked I didn’t see any existing entries for it so I created one:

I finally got around to submitting a scan (for CE 3.5.9) and it found 372 possible ‘defects’. Please check it out as I’m not familiar with the code although a couple ‘defects’ I glanced at seemed like they were valid. What do you think?

We could also scan the other aerospike repos on github.

Thanks, Brian


Thanks Brian,

This looks interesting, as you pointed out there are few visible valid defects.

Checking it out …

– R



FYI, we are fixing these !!

– R


Raj, thanks for looking into them!