Enable iostat support for Micron drives



The Linux driver for Micron drives contains an internal parameter that disables support for iostat and Micron drives thus do not show up on iostat. To re-enable iostat, following steps are required.


  1. Download the latest support pack. The driver name is mtip32xx. Run the following to determine the name of the driver (reference as <driver_name> in the instructions below).

        $ lsmod | grep mti*
  2. Log in as root. Root access is required. If you do not have root access, enable access by the following: a) Enter the following command:

         $ /lib/modules/`uname -r`/extra/<driver_name>/<driver_name>.ko

    b) Run the following to adjust write permissions.

         $ chmod 777<driver_name>.ko
  3. Install the latest Linux driver from the support pack following the standard instructions. After installation, follow these steps: a) Verify the driver name following step 1 in this section. b) Run the following and confirm the output

         $ fdisk -| // output should be /dev/rssda
  4. Uninstall the driver and reinstall the driver with stats flag enabled: a) Enter the following command:

        $ modprobe -r <driver_name>

    b) And then this

        $ insmod /lib/modules/`uname-r`/extra/<driver_name>/<driver_name>.ko stats=1
  5. Run som I/O on the drive using any I/O stress took such as FIO or Vdbench. During this time, run one of the following commands.

        $ cat /proc/diskstat 


        $ cat /sys/block/rssda/stat
  6. Verify the diskstat counts for rssd or stat output are being populated.