FAQ - 4.5.3+ Downgrade Harmless Warnings

FAQ - 4.5.3+ Downgrade Harmless Warnings


This article covers two harmless protocol-related warnings when a cluster that is been upgraded to version 4.5.3 or above experiences a split brain where some nodes form a sub-cluster running version 4.5.3 and above only and then re-join a cluster running older versions. This will also happen when downgrading from 4.5.3+ to an earlier version.

When downloading from 4.5.3+ to an earlier version I experienced the following WARNINGSi. Are these messages harmless?

  • Yes, during a downgrade from a 4.5.3+ server to an earlier version, the following two protocol-related warnings may be experienced temporarily on a node with the earlier version. These warnings are harmless. These warnings are resultant of an older node briefly receiving 4.5.3+ protocol fabric messages from newer nodes. These messages will cease after the next rebalance.
WARNING (rw): (duplicate_resolve.c:293) dup-res ack: no digest
WARNING (rw): (rw_request_hash.c:425) got rw msg with unrecognized op 8



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