FAQ Does the Change Notification include set name with delete notifications?

FAQ Does the Change Notification include set name with delete notifications?


The Aerospike Change Notification Framework is an XDR based notification system that can notify a web server of record changes. When a record is updated the update notification includes the set name of the record (if it belongs to a set). Does a delete notification include the set name?


No. The Change Notification does not include the set name in a delete notification. The reason for this is that the XDR digest log is used as a basis for the current Change Notification architecture and when a record is deleted, the digest log does not store the metadata for that deleted record. A set is not a construct in the same way as a namespace. It is a logical entity which exists only when a record claims membership. So a set exists because a record says that it belongs in the set, whereas a namespace is a grouping of settings and resources. When a record is deleted Aerospike does not store the metadata in the XDR digest log and so it cannot be shipped to the endpoint along with the notification.


  • The format of what is shipped with the notifications is described in the kafka outbound json serialization format document.
  • Plans are underway to re-architect the XDR system that generates notifications, notably to remove the digest log. At that point this limitation will be removed.




December 2019

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