FAQ Does XDR Ship deletes?

FAQ Does XDR ship deletes?


When XDR is shipping to a remote data center, does it ship deletes from the local cluster?


In default configuration XDR will ship all deletes that have been issued explicitly from a client. This behaviour can be controlled by using the xdr-delete-shipping-enabled which defaults to true.

By default XDR would not ship deletes that have been issued by the namespace supervisor sub-system, NSUP. NSUP issues deletes as part of the following processes:

  • Expirations
  • Evictions
  • Set deletions from the asinfo command (deprecated in version 3.12)

If the use case requires these deletes to be sent to the remote DC this can be controlled with the xdr-nsup-deletes-enabled.


  • Sets deleted using any scan based utility or UDF are sent to remote DCs by default as these are not controlled by NSUP.
  • Sets truncated using truncate command will not be propagated via XDR.
  • Data deleted as durable deletes will be propogated via XDR as long as xdr-delete-shipping-enabled is set to true.





What is the update on this topic vis-a-vis set-truncate, durable deletes and tombstones? Per Meher: truncate will not propagate. set-delete (deprecated 3.12.1+) would need xdr-nsup-deletes-enabled (off by default) for regular client deletes, they should go through and should be durable and need xdr-delete-shipping-enabled (on by default)

KB has been updated so you should have your answers now. :slight_smile:

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