FAQ - How to disable XDR


FAQ - How to disable XDR

Disable XDR permanently

You can follow the steps described in the Enable XDR Dynamically knowledge base article in the reverse order.

Disable XDR temporary and stop saving digestlog entries into the digestlog

  • To disable XDR for the entire source cluster:
asinfo -v 'set-config:context=xdr;enable-xdr=false'
  • To disable XDR for a specific namespace only:
asinfo -v 'set-config:context=namespace;id=namespaceID;enable-xdr=false'

NOTE: digestlog entries already in the digestlog will still be processed.

Force a DC into CLUSTER_DOWN state temporary

This allows processing and shipping of those entries at a later time as digestlog entries will be written into the digestlog.

  • To disable XDR for one datacenter:
    • For Aerospike Server version 4.1 and above: asinfo -v 'xdr-command:force-linkdown=true;dc=DC1'
    • For older releases, refer to this knowledge base article.

IMPORTANT NOTE: forcing a cluster into CLUSTER_DOWN state should always be carefully considered, as the digestlog would continue to grow in order to allow for entries to be processed when the cluster can receive records again:

  • As the digest log grows, the reclaim needs to search through more pages to find the global last ship time and move the start pointer. This happens every minute and will increase disk IO and slow down the digestlog reclamation process.
  • If a node at the source gets restarted while there is a lag, XDR starts processing entries from the start pointer even if it does not ship all of them, causing extra strain.
  • Forcing a destination cluster in CLUSTER_DOWN could cause stop_writes if the xdr-min-digestlog-free-pct has been configured.

Suspend shipping

asinfo -v 'set-config:context=xdr;xdr-shipping-enabled=false'
  • To disable incoming XDR traffic to a namespace, set ‘allow-xdr-writes’ to false on the destination cluster:
asinfo -v "set-config:context=namespace;id=namespaceID;allow-xdr-writes=true"


  • Refer to the following article for details about relogging in XDR:
  • Remember to run the asinfo commands within asadm to apply to all nodes across a cluster.