FAQ Prometheus Exporter - Setup and viewing metrics from a cluster


With Aerospike’s Monitoring Stack, you can extract operational metrics from your Aerospike Server database clusters for visualization and analysis in Prometheus and Grafana monitoring software. By default, we expect users to setup the complete monitoring stack, but in the event you prefer to install individual components, this article covers information on common issues.

We are already running the Aerospike server and Prometheus, can I install ‘Aerospike Prometheus Exporter’ instead of installing the entire Aerospike Monitoring Stack?

Yes, you should be able to use exporter without the entire stack. But, note that the stack does take care of the auto-discovery of cluster nodes which can eliminate a bit of operational work that would be needed if using Exporter on pre-installed Prometheus.

Once Prometheus Exporter is running, how can I verify that my exporter is connected to Aerospike without using Grafana?

You can confirm connectivity by checking if curl returns output on the port where Prometheus Exporter is connected to

curl 192.168.xx.yy:9145/

Once Prometheus Exporter is running, how can I look the db metrics info pulled in Prometheus without using Grafana?

You can view the metrics by the following command, depending

curl 192.168.xx.yy:9145/metrics

In our configuration file I set the ‘db_host’ to one our Aerospike server IP, but we have 4 of them in total. How can I obtain the metrics from all 4 nodes in the cluster?

Refer to documentation on Configuring Prometheus for setup. Also refer to the example on how to use Prometheus to Query for further details.

For a multi-node set up, you would need to have an Exporter running on each node and you would need to either add these manually to scrape_configs on the Prometheus side or get Prometheus to auto-discover. If using the Aerospike Monitoring Stack, this step would be automatically configured.





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