How do I backup the records that do not belong to any set?

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I have a namespace that has 1 billion records. I have 5 sets that cumulatively hold 999 million records. How do I backup only the records that do not belong to any set without backing up the entire namespace?


Asbackup does not have an option to backup records that do not belong to a set (records in the null set) without backing up the entire namespace. Records in Aerospike database can be stored in a namespace. If the use-case requires to have operations to be done on a group of items in the namespace, you should specify them to be in a set.

Additionally, note that the entire namespace would need to be scanned even if the requirement is only for a specific set.


The workaround in such cases would be to implement a UDF/Client application to update such null-set records and assign them to a set in order to take advantage of the per-set asbackup --set option.



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