How do I run asinfo commands from the client?



Is there a way to pass the server side commands in “asadm” from client code programmatically?


You can execute the server side asadm commands from the client code using the Info calls. However, the commands issued from the client are by default to a specific node and if you wish to execute the command on all the servers then looping around all the nodes in the cluster can be done.

Example 1: Java

To get the statistics from a specific node in the cluster you could do the following:

Server side:

asinfo -v 'statistics'

Client side

Info.request(infoPolicy, client.getNodes()[0],"statistics")

Example 2: Java

To get the read latency for a certain duration on a node you could do the following

Server side:

asinfo -v 'latency:' -l

Client side:

Info.request(infoPolicy, client.getNodes()[0],"latency:hist={test}-read;slice=10;back=300;duration:120")

Useful links:

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To get the list of asinfo commands that can be executed using the above method, please see the following link:

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