How do I temporarily pause migration?


This article can be used to temporarily pause migrations on an Aerospike cluster.


Aerospike rebalances data within the cluster in the event of a node joining or leaving or any cluster size changes due to a network glitch. Migration (depending on the configuration) can impact the overall cluster performance. In some situations such as a planned network maintenance, you can use the following configurations to pause migrations.

Note: These configurations will be just pausing migrations. Once the configurations are tuned back to default, migration will resume to rebalance data.


There are the 2 configuration variables which are dynamically configurable on an Aerospike node:

1.Setting the migration-max-num-incoming to 0 should prevent a node from receiving migration traffic.

These are the maximum number of partitions a node at any given time.

asinfo -v "set-config:context=service;migrate-max-num-incoming=0"

2.Setting the migrate-threads to 0 should prevent a node from migrating partitions out.

These are the number of threads per server allocated for data migration.

asinfo -v "set-config:context=service;migrate-threads=0"


See below documentation to manage and tune migrations:

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