How to Forward Writes Originating from XDR



After setting up XDR, you find that XDR writes are not being forwarded onto the next cluster.

Example: Customer has 3 cluster (Cluster A, B, & C). Cluster A replicates to Cluster B. Cluster B, was only configured XDR to foward two sets to Cluster C, but it’s not working.


The foward-xdr-writes parameter is off by default. What forward-xdr-writes does is, if true, it will forward writes that originated from another XDR to a remote XDR service. But before you set forward-xdr-writes to true, be aware of your topology and ensure you aren’t creating a forwarding loop.

Dynamic configuration:

asinfo -v 'set-config:context=xdr;forward-xdr-writes=true'

Static configuration:

xdr {
    forward-xdr-writes true
namespace <namespace-name-1> {

Note: This can also be configured per namespace with the ns-forward-xdr-writes parameter.

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