How To Generate Logs for an Aerospike Support Case

How To generate logs for an Aerospike Support Case


When you raise a case via the Aerospike Portal, it will generate a list of logs to attach to the case. This article will show you how to obtain those logs.



Collectinfo is a basic diagnostic that gives Support information about how your Aerospike cluster is configured. It also collects system diagnostics from the host it is run from and so should be run with sudo.

sudo asadm -e collectinfo –u USER –p 

It will produce a tar file which can then be uploaded via FTP or sent in via email.

Aerospike logs

Aerospike logs are text based and easy to obtain. If the system is writing the logs directly to disk they will be found at:


If you are managing logs using journald you might not find that directory, in that case you’ll need to run a command to get the logs.

$ journalctl -u aerospike -a -o cat –f | /tmp/aerospike.log 

Please remember that, wherever possible, we’ll need logs from all of the cluster nodes.

Configuration Enabled Benchmarks

If certain transactions are slow then it might be a good idea to get configuration enabled benchmarks. These give Aerospike Support a breakdown of what is happening inside the transaction flow. They’re useful for finding bottlenecks when the system is slow.

Ideally these should be switched on for all nodes during a period of slowness. 60 minutes of logging is usually enough.

These benchmarks do generate extra logging information but normally do not affect performance. It is safe have these switched on in a production system.

Once the data has been collected, the benchmarks can be switched off by running the same commands but using the keyword false instead of true.

To switch on the benchmarks across all nodes, run the commands from asadm.

To decide which benchmarks to send, use the table below. For each transaction type that is slow, activate the benchmark. You may need to fill in specific information for your system, such as the namespace name or the secondary index that is slow.

Transaction Type Command
Read manage config namespace param enable-benchmarks-read to true
Batch Read manage config namespace param enable-benchmarks-batch-sub to true
Write manage config namespace param enable-benchmarks-write to true
Secondary Index Query asinfo -v “sindex-histogram:ns=NAMESPACE;indexname=INDEX;enable=true”

Additionally, if you are storing data on disk, please also provide storage benchmarks for the disk.

asadm -e 'manage config namespace <namespaceName> param enable-benchmarks-storage to true'


  • Certain older Aerospike versions may use different commands for Configuration Enabled Benchmarks. Please contact Aerospike Support for help with commands.
  • Logs can be uploaded by attaching to the ‘Files’ tab of the case via the portal or via FTP

Applies To

Aerospike 5 and above.




February 2022