How to measure the time for READ/WRITE from 1-node to the other node?



Currently I am using 2 nodes and trying to write data through 1-node and I want to read the same data through 2-node.

Will it possible to read or write the data from node to the other node?

Could some one please guide me.



Any reason to want to write data through 1-node only? Aerospike does take care of the sharding for you so you should consider the cluster as a whole and read / write to the whole cluster as opposed to specific nodes. The smart client takes care of the rest and there are a variety of policy that can be used for doing some level of tuning (for example for consistency levels or for reading prole / replica copies.)


Dear Meher, There is no specific reason for that, The thing is I am trying to measure timing for reading and writing data from the other node. Is there any other procedure to capture timings for reading and writing the data?

Could you please suggest.

Thanks in advance.


Use the Java Benchmark tool to throw representative load at your cluster from a client node and measure latencies.


Thanq Pgupta.