How to troubleshoot SIGBUS errors

How to troubleshoot SIGBUS errors


Aerospike node crashed with a SIGBUS signal error message. The following message will be observed in the aerospike.log file:

WARNING (as): (signal.c:118) SIGBUS received, aborting Aerospike Enterprise Edition build ...


Even though it is possible to generate a SIGBUS error through code on certain platforme, the x86 architecture does not allow memory misalignment. This should therefore in theory never happen from the software side on x86 architecture platforms. This error normally means that a hardware fault has occurred. In this instance hardware troubleshooting must be performed. Normally, executing and studying dmesg will help find which hardware component is at fault. The most common scenarios are disk, disk controller, RAM, or network interfaces.

On a virtual system, with a SIGBUS, the virtual machine will usually be unaware of the hardware fault. In such cases, it is important to check dmesg on the host of the virtual machine as well.


SIGBUS dmesg


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