LargeMap edits



Can the values of a LargeMap be changed/updated? It doesn’t seem like they can. Any put() call on an existing key in the map seems to be ignored if that key already exists.


Hi. The default config setting for LMAP is “OverWrite” is true, which means you should be able to overwrite a value for a given name. When “OverWrite” is false, you get a “unique violation” error.

I just ran a basic test (using the ascli tool) to verify that overwrite is working properly. And, it is.

Send me email directly and I can give you some assistance with LMAP.



Hey Dewey – you were right. There was a bug there after all. Thanks for sending me the java app code that highlighted the problem. A simple (single) overwrite went unnoticed, but multiple overwrites (as in your example) highlighted the problem.

It will be fixed today (Friday, Oct 17), although I’m not yet sure which upcoming release will include it.



Toby thanks for looking into this.



Thank you for posting about LDTs in our forum. Please see the LDT Feature Guide for current LDT recommendations and best practices.



Effective immediately, we will no longer actively support the LDT feature and will eventually remove the API. The exact deprecation and removal timeline will depend on customer and community requirements. Instead of LDTs, we advise that you use our newer List and SortedMap APIs, which are now available in all Aerospike-supported clients at the General Availability level. Read our blog post for details.