LargeMap in production, migrating to LargeList



I’ve started on a project with production code (Java client) and database (CE version 3.6.4) already deployed. I noticed that there are many errors in our error log related to our event logging which is stored in LDT as json. While reading through possible solutions I saw that LargeMap which we are currently using, is deprecated. I followed the examples to use LargeList instead, but now I’m getting a type mismatch (LDT Type Mismatch: BIN(Logs) Data(LMAP) Op(LLIST)). Since we have production data stored there, is there a way I can convert the existing data to LLIST easily?

Thanks for any information or direction you can provide.



Effective immediately, we will no longer actively support the LDT feature and will eventually remove the API. The exact deprecation and removal timeline will depend on customer and community requirements. Instead of LDTs, we advise that you use our newer List and SortedMap APIs, which are now available in all Aerospike-supported clients at the General Availability level. Read our blog post for details.