LDT write error when write multi-records together


Here is the error I got from log when I do a insert to a largeOrderedList. Feb 10 2015 19:12:14 GMT: WARNING (ldt): (ldt_aerospike.c::548) ldt_crec_create: Cannot open more than (20) records in a single UDF

Here is what I was doing that cause this issue. I figuer out that writing into LDT one by one is slow, so I try to write multi-records together. The record is in llist is a Map, which only has one key in it. The writing works well when input is small like 10, 100. When I try to insert 1000 together or more, I get this error. I am thinking may be there is a limitation on the count.

The questions are. What is the reason of this error message? Is there a way to config the number of record I can insert into LDT together?



This was an artificial limitation under the first release. Which version of the server are you using? >=3.4.1, the limitation has been removed. Please try it.

– R


Thank. That works. –



Thank you for posting about LDTs in our forum. Please see the LDT Feature Guide for current LDT recommendations and best practices.



Effective immediately, we will no longer actively support the LDT feature and will eventually remove the API. The exact deprecation and removal timeline will depend on customer and community requirements. Instead of LDTs, we advise that you use our newer List and SortedMap APIs, which are now available in all Aerospike-supported clients at the General Availability level. Read our blog post for details.