Nginx is blocking? From webinar "Comparing NoSQL Databases for Real-time Bidding"



So I was watching the webinar:

The results from nginx was a problem (they said it was blocking), so they used libevent and libevhtp.

I thought Nginx had its own version of libevent and was non-blocking?

Taken from:

  1. nginx is a event based web server.

  2. It uses (it’s own implementation of ) libevent and Reactor Pattern to process requests.

  3. Event model is non-blocking and asynchronous.

  4. nginx recives requests, transfers it to the system for processing without blocking the resources and listens to events using “kqueue, epoll/select” etc, when the data/document is processed and ready to be served, the request handler serves it back to the client.

So can anyone explain why Nginx did so poorly?



Alright. So after listening to this for the 10th time. I figured out he was using the libevent client with an http server with libevent. Too many “errr” and really hard to understand webinar.