Query with multiple filters in lua return only one result not a list of results

Can someone help me to make query with multiple filters but return entire stream and not only the first result?

In UDF lua file i apply a filter function and a map function, but the result is only one not multiple.

Thank you

@sticeap Can you provide a code snippet on what it is that you are trying, and what are your expected results?

Yes, here is the code from UDF file.

local function filterBySecondBin(key, value)
	return function(rec)
		local val = rec[key]
		if val == value then
			return true
			return false

local function mapper(record)
	return map {
		userId = record.userId,
		companyId = record.companyId

function getUsers(stream, key, value)
	local myfilter = filterBySecondBin(key, value)

	return stream : filter(myfilter) : map(mapper)

I tried to made a query and filter results by range from Aerospike filter and by companyId as a second filter from UDF.

Thank you

Currently you are returning one map{userId=xx, companyId=yy}. You need to aggregate into a list and then reduce. See this example below of a single property map:

local function collect_tweets(tweetsMap,rec)
  return tweetsMap

local function merge_tweets(a,b)
  a.tweets = a.tweets + b.tweets
  return a

function recent_tweets(stream)
   return stream : aggregate(map{tweets=list()},collect_tweets) : reduce(merge_tweets)

Also, if you are testing on a multi-node cluster, final reduce happens on the client node. Read this for more info. Another UDF Error 100 debugging - #3 by ofiedler