Return codes when scan completed

FAQ Return codes when scan is completed


What is the meaning for the value in the last parenthesis for the “…finished scan job…” message in Aerospike logs? What do I expect to see as the error on the client side?


Here’s a list of the scan job codes that can appear in the server log file when the job ends along with the error code on the client side:

     ...  finished basic scan job 1212041721745525185 (0)
  • 0 - scan job completed normally
  • 1 - scan job ended due to unknown error (possibly a memory allocation failure, or a failure in UDF execution if an aggregation scan) - AS_JOB_FAIL_UNKNOWN
  • 7 - scan job abandoned due to cluster key changing with “scan fail on cluster change” option set - AS_JOB_FAIL_CLUSTER_KEY
  • 4 - Parameter error (Possibly maxRetries was set to a value higher than zero, causing duplicate scan request with same trid)
  • 15 - scan job killed by user - AS_JOB_FAIL_USER_ABORT

Additionally, beginning with server 3.10, the following codes are also possible:

  • -1 - error (other than a timeout) sending response to client - AS_JOB_FAIL_RESPONSE_ERROR
  • -2 - timeout sending response to client - AS_JOB_FAIL_RESPONSE_TIMEOUT


For Aerospike server versions >= 3.6 and < 3.10, code 1 (unknown) could also mean that there was an error or timeout sending the response to the client. In fact, that has been the most common meaning of code 1 whenever it has appeared, which is why we added the new codes -1 and -2 server 3.10 onwards.





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