Script to monitor aerospike namespace memory



i am looking for kind of ready script to use it in bash to monitor the aerospike namespace memory which will generate alarms based on some thresholds

Thanks Najd


There are a few scripts, such as the Nagios script, mentioned here: If they aren’t exactly what you need, I’m sure they wouldn’t be too difficult to modify.


those are tools to be installer (rpm) i need shell scripts did not find them there.



If you want something to just toss into bash to get the memory, and not an actual full solution… something like this should get you started?

for ns in `asinfo -lv namespaces`; do asinfo -lv "namespace/$ns"|grep memory;done

The nagios guild links to the project on github. My point was that you may be able to use the nagios script as a base for your needs, it doesn’t require anything other than python.

The solution @Albot suggests requires that you install the aerospike-tools package.


or if you really dont want to install anything at all… you can use telnet or netcat to grab this too. like this:

# nc localhost 3003 <<< namespace/mynamespace|tr ';' '\n'|grep memory_free