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I am sorry, If it looks dump but I am new beginner to Aerospike or in-memory db. I am trying to build mqtt solution in which I am trying to use in memory nonsql DB in-spite of tradition sql DB.

I am trying to achieve following:

There will be Linux box installed remotely on which some scripts will be running and performing testing on various parameter of internet bandwidth like download speed etc etc of the remote location.

This server will also send Heartbeat to centralize server which will be present in my lab and message broker will be running on this to tell that remote site is up and active.

Heartbeat will be consist of

  1. server Unique ID
  2. Sequence number (which increments every time a heartbeat is sent, so that we can easily calculate missing heartbeats)
  3. IP address
  4. Get the time of the heartbeat

Now I have to record all these parameter in db and update them whenever heartbeat comes and also there will be one flag which will be marked as True/False. If Heartbeat fails this flag will be marked as False and this flag will also record time when it is marked as False and number of heartbeats missed. If Heartbeat is missed 5 times message Broker will generate an alarm.

Is this type of solution supported by Aerospike?

If Yes, can I create my own schema and what will be the best approach for this kind of solution?