Shm key in python client


Hi, in the changelog of version 3.6 there is a notice about shm key:

Breaking Change: Shared Memory layout has changed. Therefore the default SHM Key has changed from 0xA7000000 to 0xA8000000 If you were specifying your own key, it is critical that this be updated for the use of client 3.6.0

I see 0xA7000000 key in version 3.7 ( ?) Could you please clarify this?

Second question: I’m assuming that I do not have to update explicit shm key if the shm is created and used by new client only, right? Thank you.


That looks like a bug in how it is being generated. Thank you for noticing that. It will be fixed in the next release.

If you are only using new clients, there is no need to update the SHM key explicitly.