Tuning of migrate-sleep - Setting the migrate-sleep value on the recipient side has no effect


When adding a new node will changing the value of the migrate-sleep on the new node accelerate the migration of data to the new node?


Changing the value of migrate-sleep on a newly added or re-added node has no effect in accelerating the migration of data from an existing node(emigrant data) to the new node(immigrant data). The data being migrated is sent from existing nodes referencing their own respective migrate-sleep configuration value.

The method to accelerate the migration to the new node is to modify the migrate-sleep configuration parameter on the existing nodes (changing it from the default value of 1, down to 0). It is recommended to set the migrate-sleep configuration parameter to the same value on all nodes.

The modification of migrate-sleep can be completed in one of two methods:

  1. Modify the aerospike.conf file migrate-sleep value for the specific namespace stanza on all nodes

  2. Modify the configuration parameter using the asinfo command: asadm -e "asinfo -v 'set-config:context=namespace;id=<namespace>;migrate-sleep=<sleep time in microseconds>’”’

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