Upgrade AMC Community Edition to AMC Enterprise Edition

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AMC Is Now Community Supported!

Aerospike no longer supports the AMC, which has been replaced by the Aerospike Monitoring Stack. The AMC has been turned over to the community, with code hosted at aerospike-community/amc and documentation on the repo Wiki.

Synopsis: Upgrade AMC Community Edition to AMC Enterprise Edition

Follow the following steps to upgrade AMC from community edition to the enterprise edition.

RedHat based OS

sudo /etc/init.d/amc stop
sudo rpm -qa | grep amc
sudo rpm -e aerospike-amc-community.x86_64
sudo rpm -i aerospike-amc-enterprise-3.5.1-el5.x86_64.rpm
sudo /etc/init.d/amc start

Debian based OS

sudo /etc/init.d/amc stop
sudo dpkg -l | grep amc
sudo dpkg -r aerospike-amc-community
sudo dpkg -i aerospike-amc-enterprise-3.5.1.all.x86_64.deb
sudo /etc/init.d/amc start