UX (User Experience) is Important, but so is DX (Developer Experience) (Aerospike Blog Post - December 29, 2015)


User Experience (UX) matters greatly, but what about Developer Experience (DX)? Alvin Richards, VP of Product at Aerospike, blogs here about Aerospike’s focus on giving developers a compelling, enjoyable experience as they create an application.

In the post, he announces the availability of the following (see the blog post for details and links):

  • Frameworks & Connectivity
  • Spring Data for Aerospike
  • Play 2.0 Framework Support
  • JDBC Connector
  • Deployments
    • Docker Integration
  • AWS CloudFormation Scripts
  • Developer-Focused Server Features
  • Geospatial Indexes & Queries
  • List Manipulation

This adds to Aerospike’s existing integration with Apache Hadoop and Apache Spark.

Aerospike’s focus for DX for the next year is to:

  • Maintain currency with operating systems, distributions, and client languages (e.g. Python 3, PHP 7)
  • Provide fully asynchronous drivers for every client language
  • Improve the usability of the APIs & error messages
  • Provide a standard set of User Defined Functions (UDFs) for typical functions
  • Improve documentation & examples
  • Extend native datatype support (who doesn’t love Datetime and Counters?)
  • Extend Map support (in line with the List features added in Aerospike Server v3.7) and add Sorted Lists

As always, we need your help and input to continue to improve and enhance your DX. Feel free to contribute your feedback, ideas and questions to our user forum, file Github issues or create a pull request for the next great feature you’d like to contribute to the Aerospike user community!