Very strange memory expansion during migration on Aerospike cluster

I plan to migrate the previous aerospike data from Aws to Alibaba Cloud. So, before I migrated, I tested it. I started writing 43G data to aws first, then started Alibaba Cloud for migration, but found a very strange phenomenon. In the process of migration, Alibaba Cloud’s memory usage is always twice that of the migrated data. After the migration succeeds, it continues to account for twice the memory. Can you tell me why? Here is my Alibaba Cloud aerospike and aws configuration(because I’m new user,only update one picture…sorry):

Alibaba Cloud:

No one is interested in this? I want to know why…please…

I’m a little confused… Can you explain what you are doing to cause this? What metrics you are looking at? What does the setup look like, infrastructure wise and what are you doing to cause migrations? Is this a cluster spanning AWS and Alicloud?

I plan to migrate all the data to Alicloud from AWS,but during migration,I found alicloud centos7’s memory growth is twice the data, this is crazy! For example,I migrate 40G data to alicloud from AWS ubuntu system, After successful migration, alicloud centos7’s memory growth is twice the data ,is 80G, finally I use alicloud Ubuntu system, It is normal. I am very curious, is it the system reason?

Could you use screenshots of system and/or Aerospike stats to help describe the situation.

Could you run and provide screenshots for the following on both AWS and Alicloud clusters:

asadm -e "info"
asadm -e "summary"



Could you provide the output I requested?