Warnings related to Complex Data Types

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CDT - Warnings and their meanings

This knowledge-base captures some of the warnings when working with CDT.


WARNING (particle): (particle_list.c:1302) packed_list_remove() index 0 out of bounds for ele_count 0


WARNING (particle): (particle_map.c:3173) packed_map_get_remove_by_index_range() index 0 out of bounds for ele_count 0

This means the list or map has 0 elements, and there was an attempt to remove element at index 0. Normally if a list has 1 element, the element at index 0 will exist and be the only element in the list or map. You just can’t remove elements that aren’t there and that’s what the warning means. It could also say like, index 2 out of bounds for ele_count 1.

This error has been removed on newer versions of the server ( and above). The behavior for remove-element operations on non-existent bins is now a no-op instead of an error.


WARNING (particle): (particle_list.c:1952) packed_list_get_remove_by_index_range() index 155 out of bounds for ele_count 155

This means that the list has 155 elements, and there was an attempt to remove element at index 156. Since index starts from 0, index 155 means element 156.


WARNING (rw): (write.c:1758) {namespace} write_master: failed as_bin_cdt_alloc_modify_from_client()

This error is also expected if a list_clear() is done on a bin that isn’t a list or doesn’t exist. list_clear() will return an error when the bin isn’t a list or doesn’t exist.

WARNING (particle): (particle_list.c:1814) cdt_process_state_packed_list_modify_optype() POP_RANGE/REMOVE_RANGE failed

This is another warning up the stack (the above two mentioned warnings) that says that the operation failed. It’s part of the same failure.


WARNING (particle): (particle_list.c:4290) AS_CDT_OP_LIST_APPEND: failed 
WARNING (rw): (write.c:2034) {namespace} write_master: failed as_bin_cdt_stack_modify_from_client() <Digest>:0x02a....

This warnings are actually normal due to the use of CREATE_ONLY flag. These will be improved in the future (AER-6071).