Writes failing on XDR servers on 3.7.5 on upgrade

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Writes to the cluster running server 3.7.5 fail with this warning which can be found in asd logs.

WARNING (proto): (transaction.c::239) extra bytes follow fields and bin-ops

Affected versions: 3.7.5


The warning indicates that writes are failing due to a stricter check being done on server version 3.7.5 for client requests. This does include clients used in XDR versions up to 3.7.X as those XDR versions are built on an older C client codebase.

Here are example scenarios impacting XDR:

  1. Source = 3.7.5 → Destination = Any version except 3.7.5 ==> Works Fine
  2. Source < 3.7.5 → Destination = 3.7.5 ==> Does not work

Possible Solutions:

==================== For generic C & C libevent clients with server 3.7.5, upgrade the client versions to 4.0.4 & 2.1.44 or above respectively.

For those who are using an active-active setup, do not upgrade to 3.7.5 but directly upgrade to or above.

  1. This has been tracked as jira AER-4887 addressed as part of release which has relaxed this check. This check is likely to be re-introduced in a future version of Aerospike, though, after XDR has been released on top of the recent C client code base.