XDR Authentication Issues

Synopsis: Common XDR Authentication Issues

Issue 1:

You see the following errors in the XDR log:

Dec 21 2015 19:44:45 GMT: WARNING (xdr): (as_cluster.c:as_cluster_seed_nodes:382) AEROSPIKE_NOT_AUTHENTICATED not authenticated
Dec 21 2015 19:44:45 GMT: INFO (xdr): (xdr.c::5962) Failed to connect to remote cluster 'REMOTE_DC_EAST', code -1: Failed to seed cluster at /work/source/modules/ee/xdr/src/as_cluster.c:395. Retrying.

Solution 1

  1. Verify that the XDR context of aerospike.conf contains the following entry: dc-security-config-file <full path to>/security-credentials.txt

  2. Verify that the path to security-credentials.txt exists.

  3. Verify that the security-credentials.txt file is properly formatted. Use the following example as a template:

  username xdr_user
  password xdr_pass

Issue 2:

You see the following error in the XDR log: Dec 22 2015 16:51:12 GMT: WARNING (xdr): (as_cluster.c:as_cluster_seed_nodes:382) AEROSPIKE_INVALID_PASSWORD AEROSPIKE_INVALID_PASSWORD

Solution 2:

Verify the password in security-credentials.txt. Make sure that the password is the same as the password in the destination cluster.

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