XDR bin deletion



A deleted bin is not getting replicated to the destination cluster.


XDR on Aerospike Enterprise Edition version 3.6.4 and earlier does not support replacement of records. This implies that if a bin is deleted in a record from a source cluster it will not be deleted on the destination cluster as bins with null values are not replicated through XDR. This will result in destination cluster having a record with both existing bins and deleted bins.


For versions 3.6.4 and earlier, the only workaround is to track the deleted bins and delete them manually at the destination cluster.

In Aerospike Enterprise Edition version 3.7.x or greater, we support the ability to replace a record through XDR replication instead of a merge. This is switched on by default (configuration xdr-replace-record) so bin deletions will be taken care of at the destination cluster by default.

For more information, see the following page: http://www.aerospike.com/docs/reference/configuration/#xdr-replace-record

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