Zeroize Multiple SSD's Simultaneously



Need to find a way to dd multiple disk on a server Solution: There may need to Zero multiple drive in the same


If your disks support blkdiscard (most SSDs), you should use that instead. blkdiscard instructs the SSD disk to discard blocks and treat them as unused/zeroed. This results in an operation that takes a few seconds only and removes the need to DD the disks.

blkdiscard /dev/sdb
blkdiscard /dev/sdc

Or in a loop:

for i in sdb sdc sdd sde ; do blkdiscard /dev/"${i}" ; done

Command line example to zeroize sdb, sdc, sdd, and sde at the same time using dd:

dd if=/dev/zero bs=128k | tee /dev/sdb | tee /dev/sdc | tee /dev/sde > /dev/sdd

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This was written before learning of blkdiscard which will only work on SSDs. This uses the disks TRIM API to zero the a disk and I have seen this be significantly faster than using dd (locally zeroed a 480 GB drive in about 8 seconds with blkdiscard).