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Knowledge Base

The Knowledge Base category contains a set of topics for understanding and troubleshooting Aerospike and Aerospike Utilities.


Discuss Aerospike benchmarks. This section is divided into three categories:

How Developers Are Using Aerospike

Discuss with other users how and why they are using Aerospike.

Feature Discussion

Use this category to discuss Aerospike's existing features.

Client Libraries

This is a category for those developing applications and utilities using Aerospike-compatible client libraries. Please report client-related bugs here.

Feature Requests

This category is used to track feature requests. Please open new requests in the Requests category.


Operations Discussion.


Aerospike Tools Discussion.


Use this category to discuss Aerospike connectors.

Getting In Touch

Connect with other Aerospike users regarding collaboration, jobs, etc.

Tech Topics & Trends

This category features articles and videos about tech topics and trends that are relevant to Aerospike's users.


Discussion about this forum, its organization, how it works, and how we can improve it.